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Cliffs of Insanity

...the rantings of a ferret

Spyral Rainboe
26 March 1976
I never know how to describe myself in a bio. Generally a happy person, I keep to myself a lot and don't mind if my interests are boring to other people. I really don't care what other people think about me, but I wouldn't say I'm *too* misanthropic. I enjoy sharing thoughts and opinions with people who act intelligent (even if they aren't) and aren't overly dramatic or self-absorbed. I'm probably self-absorbed enough for two. ;)

Check out my full-fledged website o' stuff'n'things, Unkilled by the Heathen where I talk a lot about books, movies and tv. Also check out my Peter Dinklage fansite #needsmoredinklage.

The past 10 years or so, I've been working with my friends Kazz (aka studiogaijin) and Gina (aka silvercatmon) making Anime Music Videos (see interests) as a group that we call Studio Gaijin. We've made quite a few videos, but only five are available online. That's something we're working on lately, getting the vids up and making our website more interesting. Or at least, more updated.

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